Accessing Articles

Hanover Subscriptions

Hanover has subscriptions to several journals.  You can access these using the different search engines on the Searching for articles page.


In recent years, several open-access journals have been established.  These journals make their articles freely available to anyone and everyone.  Several funding agencies (organizations that give money to researchers) require that all research be published open-access, even if the journal itself is not open-access.  Some journals now offer the option for researchers to pay an extra fee to make their research open-access.  

Online Repositories

Research Gate

Research Gate is a website where researchers can upload and share their articles.  Google Scholar includes Research Gate in its full-text links.


Sci-Hub is a collection of full-text articles and books available through a Russia-based website (for copyright-avoiding reasons).  

Go to Sci-Hub. The current address as of last time this page was edited was  This changes top-level domains (e.g. ".com", ".org", ".se") regularly, so you may need to google it to find the most recent address. 

Enter the doi from your article or book into the search bar

It should pull up the article you requested

Library Genesis

Library Genesis is another repository similar to Sci-Hub, and it includes links to Sci-Hub files as well as files within the Library Genesis database

Go to

Enter the doi from your article or book into the search bar

Click on the result that matches your article

At the bottom of the page, click on the Sci-Hub or links

If you choose Sci-Hub, you may have to enter the letters for a captcha, then press Enter

You should be taken to the page for your article.

If you get an error message, try a different link.

If you choose, click "GET" at the top of the page or "Get from vault" at the bottom of the page, then "Get" on the next page.

The article will automatically download to your computer.