Searching for Articles

From the Library webpage

Start at the Hanover Library webpage

Click on “Advanced Search” .

This will take you to the search page.

Enter your keywords into the Search Term boxes.

Click the “Only return peer-reviewed articles” box under Search Tools.

If you are looking for articles from a particular range of years, enter them in the “Year” boxes.

Click “Search”.

If the library has electronic access to the article, you'll see a "View full text" link.  If the library has a hard copy of the article, the results will include the call number

From APA PsycNET

From the library webpage, click on the Databases A-Z, and scroll down to PsycINFO.  This will take you to the PsycINFO EBSCOhost search page.

Enter your search terms into the box.

In the "Limit your results" block, click the "Peer Reviewed" button.

If the full text of the article is available, you will see an HTML and/or PDF link.

If we do not have full text of the article, you will see a link where you can complete an Inter-Library Loan request for the article.

From Google Scholar

**Note: there is not an option of peer-reviewed articles only.  This means that you have to be more careful about the sources you use.  Google Scholar includes books as well as theses and dissertations.  None of these are peer-reviewed, so they are less reliable sources.  

Go to Google Scholar

Enter your search terms into the box and press Enter

If you want to specify a date range, click “Custom Range” on the left-hand side and enter the years you want.

To the right of each of the Google Scholar results, you will see if full-text of the article is available.  If it has a [PDF] or [HTML] link, that will take you directly to the full article.  For any journals to which Hanover has a subscription, Google Scholar will give you a link to the full text through the Hanover subscription.  If you click on the "Full Text from Hanover" link, it will send you to the WorldCat page, where you can click the "View Full Text" links available.

If you are not using a Hanover computer, you can set up Google Scholar to tell you whether or not Hanover has access.  In the top left-hand corner, click the three lines and go to Settings.  Click "Library links" and enter "Hanover College" into the search bar and check the boxes.