Tricking your brain into doing work

Everybody has occasional difficulties with focus and working.  For us non-neurotypicals, those struggles are more prevalent and can be really disruptive to productivity.  This is just as true for adults as it is for kids!  I've come up with several ways of tricking my brain into doing work over the years, and I figured I should share my wealth of experience with others who may have similar difficulties.

Why can't I work?

This is probably the most important question because the answer may dictate your next steps.  

Procrastination monkey:

Choice paralysis: 

Maladaptive perfectionism (done is better than perfect)

"I have a meeting in 2 hours, so there's no point in starting now" ('tis better to have started and stopped than never to have started at all)


Setting the scene

Common scent

Appropriate level of distraction: may depend on the task (or the day)

Workspace, lighting, blankets, snackage

Website blocker, Focus Mode for android

Baggie with tasks on slips of paper

Pomodoro timer

Monitor memo board

Scheduling specific times (might not work because "oh, it's already 7:01, may as well wait until 8")